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Call for Papers 

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The ICDSP 2021 Scientific Programme Committee and Organising Committee welcome all the delegates to submit abstracts or full papers of original contributions for oral and poster presentations at the 2021 5th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (ICDSP 2021) organized by IACT. Please select a corresponding topic from following categories for your submission:

MLSAS Machine Learning and Statistical Signal processing
SAS-STAT Detection, estimation and classification theory and methods, statistical signal processing
SAS-SYST System identification and modeling, nonlinear systems
SAS-ICAB Independent Component Analysis and blind source separation
SAS-ADAP Adaptive systems and adaptive filtering
SAS-MALN Machine learning and neural networks
SAS-TENS Tensor Signal Processing
SAS-OPTIM Optimization
MLSAS-SPARSE Theory of sparse representations and compressed-sensing
MLSAS-BAYES Bayesian learning; Particle filters; Information-theoretic learning
MLSAS-GRAPH Graphical and kernel methods
MLSAS-MAN Manifold learning, applications of Differential Geometry and adaptive signal processing on Manifolds
MLSAS-SOC Social networks, Social Learning models and Game Theoretic analysis
MLSAS-PATT Pattern recognition and classification
MLSAS-BIGD Big Data Methods and Applications
MLSAS-DEEP Deep Learning
DSP Digital and multirate signal processing
DSP-FILT Filter design, analysis and implementation
DSP-TFSR Time-frequency analysis and signal representations, including spectrum analysis, harmonic analysis, filter banks and multirate processing, wavelets
DSP-FAST Fast DSP algorithms, transforms and computation
DSP-SAMP Sampling, extrapolation, and interpolation
DSP-GRAPH Graph analysis, Spectral Graph Theory and Algebraic Topology algorithms, Wavelets over graphs
DSP-FRI Finite rate of innovation sampling and processing of signals
DSP-SPARSE Sparse signal representations and recovery - algorithms and applications
HDW Design and implementation of signal processing systems
HDW-ARCH Signal processing architectures and VLSI hardware, DSP algorithm implementation and tools
HDW-SECU Hardware security
HDW-PROG Programmable Hardware (e.g. FPGA, SoC, ASIC, etc.) for DSP algorithms
HDW-MCORE Multicore Processors for DSP algorithms
SPE Speech and Language processing
SPE-RECO Speech and speaker recognition
SPE-ANAL Speech coding, synthesis and analysis
SPE-SLID Speaker/Language identification and diarization
SPE-SPL Spoken language processing
AUD Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing
AUD-MAAE Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Acoustic Environments
AUD-CLAS Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events
AUD-AMHI Auditory Modeling and Hearing Instruments
AUD-ASAP Acoustic Sensor Array Processing
AUF-NEFR Active Noise Control, Echo Reduction and Feedback Reduction
AUD-SEP Audio and Speech Source Separation, Enhancement and Restoration
AUD-QIM Quality and Intelligibility Measures
AUD-SARR Spatial Audio Recording and Reproduction
AUD-AMCT Audio and Speech Modeling, Coding and Transmission
AUD-MSP Music Signal Analysis, Processing and Synthesis
AUD-MIR Music Information Retrieval and Music Language Processing
AUD-AUMM Audio for Multimedia and Bioacoustics
AUD-SEC Audio Security
IMD Image and multidimensional signal processing
IMD-MDSP Multidimensional signal processing
IMD-CODE Image/video coding and transmission
IMD-ANAL Image/video analysis, restoration and processing
IMD-STOR Image/video storage and retrieval
IMD-PATT Pattern recognition
IMD-SPAR Sparse representation in Imaging
IMD-ARS-BIM Signal & Image & Video Biometric Analysis
IMD-ARS-SRE Image & Video Storage and Retrieval
IMD-ARS-SRV Image & Video Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
IMD-ARS-FOR Image & Video Forensic Analysis
IMD-STER Stereo Image Processing
MSP Multimedia signal processing
MSP-MULT Multimedia signal processing, e.g., joint audio/image/video/graphic processing
MSP-WAT Watermarking (Theory, Algorithms, Attacks)
MSP-STE Steganography and steganalysis
MSP-HAS Hashing for content authentication/identification
MSP-FOR Multimedia Forensics
MSP-SECU Security and Privacy preserving signal processing
COM Signal processing for communications
COM-ESTI Communication signal transmission, reception and detection algorithms; channel estimation and modeling
COM-CODE Signal representation, coding, compression, including joint source-channel coding and iterative decoding algorithms
COM-MIMO MIMO communications and space-time or space-frequency coding
COM-CDMA-UWB Spread spectrum and CDMA systems and Ultra wideband systems
COM-GREEN Energy Aware Communications and Networking
COM-OFDM Multicarrier, OFDM and DSL systems
COM-UWBS Ultra wideband systems
COM-NETW Wireless, ad hoc and sensor networks, distributed coding and processing, cross-layer design
COM-PERF Performance analysis of communication systems
COM-SCODE Source signal representation, coding, quantization, compression, including joint source-channel coding and iterative decoding algorithms
COM-CODPHY Coding and Precoding design, Optimal PHY for single and multiuser systems
COM-SECU Communication Security and Privacy in Physical Layer communication and Networks
COM-RELN Communications over Relay Channels, Network coding
COM-NETA Analysis of Networks and Queuing systems
COM-OPTNE Optimal network resource allocation, Network Utility Maximization and Game theoretic models
COM-MACOG Multiple Access, Scheduling, Cognitive Radios
COM-MAMI Massive MIMO Communications
SAM Sensor array and multichannel signal processing
SAM-SAMC Sensor array and multichannel signal processing
SAM-NET Distributed processing and optimization over sensor networks, gossiping algorithms
SAM-BEAM Beam-forming, including Space-time adaptive methods
SAM-DOAE Direction of arrival estimation, source detection localization and tracking, including Global Positioning Systems
SAM-LOC Sensor network localization algorithms
SAM-RASO Radar and Sonar Signal Processing
SAM-IMG Imaging with array data including Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAM-SPARCS Compressed Sensing
SAM-DOPT Distributed Optimization
BIO BIO Biomedical signal processing
BIO-BIOL Biomedical signal processing, including genomics, bioinformatics
BIO-BIOIM Biological imaging
BIO-COMPIM Computational imaging
BIO-INFO Bioinformatics
BIO-MAID Signal processing methods for medical aids
BIO-MDIG Medical diagnostic methods
BIO-SENS Sensor systems for biomedical signal and image processing
BIO-SSIGP Sensor signal processing
BIO-BCI Signal Processing Methods supporting Brain/Human-Computer Interfaces
EDU Signal processing in education
EDU-EDUC Signal processing education
ESP Emerging Signal Processing Applications
ESP-CPS Cyber-Physical Systems, Machine Communications and Monitoring Systems
ESP-EN Energy and Smart Grid
ESP-NAV Navigation
ESP-AUTO Automated Vehicle Applications
ESP-IOT Internet of Things
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